Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picking out Tile for the Master Bathroom

The plan for this weekend was to get a way to Mackinac Island for a couple days for a vacation away from house planning. Kyle and I had both taken Thursday and Friday off work and we were ready to go. We had planned on going to Grand Rapids for a few house related meetings then off to the island! That was the plan anyway, but I guess when you are building a house (or remodeling for that matter), a "vacation" day just might mean doing stuff for the house and not eating delicious fudge on Mackinac Island.

Our first meeting was at Virginia Tile in Grand Rapids. Their show room is like an art gallery! I was in love with just about every tile I saw. We were on a strict budget of $3.50 a sq ft. or under (and I am proud to say, we came in under budget!) Here are a few pictures of some drool worthy tiles from the showroom. Enjoy

Classic basket weave pattern surrounded by white subway tiles. So beautiful!

This one was my favorite. I was thinking for the kitchen back splash but alas it was $63.00 a sq. ft. Very much out of our price range.

It may be hard to tell but these white subway tile has a beveled edge  and a crackle finish over top. I nice play on a classic tile.

This was a fun mosaic pattern in rich orange and red hues.

We had a lot of success at Virginia Tile on Thursday. We picked out the master bathroom floor tiles, walk in shower wall tiles and the floor for the shower. We kept under budget enough with the bathroom tiles that we are able to afford a back splash for the kitchen. Here is the stunning, yet budget friendly back splash for our kitchen.

It has a nice mix of stone and grey glass tiles. I think this will "play" nicely with the white cabinetry and a darker granite counter with some flecks of grey.

Towards the top of the photo you see a carmel brown tile. This will be the master bathroom floor.

This lighter tile will be on the walls of the walk in shower. It has the same texture and look as the darker brown tile for the bathroom floor. We are thinking about 9x12 inch tile in a brick pattern that will go vertically up the shower wall.

And finally, my favorite little tile for the shower floor. These are 2x2 tiles that pick up on colors from both the bathroom floor tiles and shower walls.

After the tile store we were off to a hardware store to pick out the door handles for the interior and exterior doors. And guess what? We stayed under budget there too! Soon I will take photos of the hardware we picked out and share that as well. Stay tuned!

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