Friday, June 24, 2011

Oil Rubbed Bronze for our Doors

I recently mentioned out trip to Grand Rapids, MI to pick out lots of fixtures for the house. In addition to picking out the tiles for the master bathroom and house siding, we also picked out the hardware for the exterior and interior doors.

We decided to go with an oil rubbed bronze look for our doors. We thought the dark knobs will go well with the crisp white shaker doors that we picked out. The interior doors with have an oil rubbed bronze finish and the hinges will match. Here is a peek at what we picked...

I wish this photo of the knob we picked out showed more of the nice bronze and copper tones in the finish but it will have to do for now.

Okay, I am very excited about the handle set we found for the front and side door on the house. We also have a french door off the dining room, that will have the same knobs as the interior doors.

I can't wait for you to see this... I think I'm in love!

The top photo is one that I took in the hardware store of the exterior door set. That particular one is called a partial, and there is a version of that same set that has the back plate continue down to the bottom.

The second photo from the top is from an online store that carries the brand of that door set. The brand is called Emtek, and ranges from about $160-$220. This version is the full length one and it also shows the interior knob that coordinates with the exterior. I love the finish and it also has a "hammered" look to it. This door set has a very craftsman feel with the small square details on the top and bottom. I think this handle will work nicely with out front door.

Above is a photo of the front door we picked out. It is by Therma Tru doors ( ) It is a fiberglass door that is stainable. We plan to have ours stained in a similar finish to the one shown above, something warm and inviting. Both the front and side doors will be the same color and have the same hardware. The front door has two additional windows, called side lights on either side of the door to add more light to the entry way.

Next post: We have drawings of the kitchen layout!

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