Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aaaa-mazing Master Bath

Well the house may not be done but its sure lookin' good. We are over budget and 2 months behind schedule but I can forget all about that when I walk into our gorgeous master bathroom. I love everything we picked out for this space and I have zero regrets with this space.

This was our original thought of how the master bathroom sink area would look. We have lots of storage with the linen cabinet for towels and extra toiletries. The linen cabinet was something we added last summer to the plans after thinking about more storage for the bathroom. Originally we just had double sinks along the entire wall. So we gave up some counter top space for the vertical linen cabinet. Good choice we think.

So here we are standing in the master shower looking at the vanity as it is today. We have two custom frames for mirrors above the sinks and soon the vanity light will go in the center

Oil rubbed bronze robe hooks are just within reach outside of the shower. We had thought about having chrome fixtures but after seeing the dark cabinets in the room we made all the fixtures ORB

This is the nook where the toilet will be, its next to the shower but tucked away a bit. This is also the best view of the floor tiles. Currently most of the floor is covered by paper to protect it till move in day. We went with a large rectangular beige ceramic tile in a brick pattern for the bathroom floors

This just makes me so happy! This copper metallic hexagon tile is perfect for the shower floor. About a month ago we found out the tile for the shower we ordered was back ordered so we had to change all the tile in the bathroom. It ended up working out better than we could have hoped for.

We love the way the copper tiles on the floor pull out the veins of brown in the cream/beige wall tiles. We went with a 9x12 wall tile in a brick pattern to give the shower more of a custom feel. We love rectangular tiles and they make a bigger statement that traditional 12x12 tile

We have dual shower heads! That was on our must have list for the new house. A soaking tub just wasn't important to us but a large walk in shower was a priority! We have two chrome shower heads and maybe one day we will add a rain shower head in the ceiling.

This is the wall niche in the shower for storing all our shower stuff. It is the same wall tile and trimmed out with bull nose trim to finish off the edges. We have two 12x12 boxes and a 6x12 niche on the bottom for razors and soaps

Here is the view from the bathroom looking into the walk in master shower. The shower is 7 feet by 5.5 feet and it feels huge! We are so happy with our decision to have a long rectangular window in the wall of the shower, it lets in a nice amount of natural light.

We found the counter tops for a steal at Menard's. They are called Golden Delight and are solid granite and came with a 4 inch back splash and two white ceramic sink bowls.

The bathroom is almost finished. We just need the mirrors in and the a few lights installed. We have a light between the mirrors and a pendant that hangs from the ceiling. One more shower head needs to be installed in the shower and this baby is done!

We are about 2-3 weeks away from move in at this point. So fingers crosses no more delays.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year and a Look Back

We begun this journey of blogging about our new house almost one year ago. Officially our first post was on January 18th, 2011. Now we are getting very close to moving it to the house we have been pouring our energy in for so long.

I wanted to take a look back on how far we have come over the last year.

Memories of house building that we are ready to leave back in 2011...

1. Closing on the bank for the construction loan: We didn't close on our loan until about a month ago which means at that point we were about 80% done with the house and 4 months into construction. We did not intend on this happening. We started with one bank but they refused our appraisals on the house so we had to switch to a different bank. We ended up with a lower interest rate but it created several sleepless nights.

2. Overages and Busting the Budget: Pretty self explanatory with this one. We found our selves paying more than we agreed to in several areas on home building even when we didn't change anything. (exhale slowly and let it go...really let it go)

3. The sinking porch of Casa de Schafer: Well this one we are still dealing with unfortunately so we can't quite put it behind us. Yes our side porch and now our front porch, are sinking a little. The supports were not dug down deep enough and as a result the ground is settling and taking the porches with them. Don't fret my friend, its being taken care of.

Things we are most looking forward to in 2012...

1. Living in our dream home and everything that entails! Making dinners together again, having a home office that isn't our bed, and having all our family and friends over.

2. Decorating! I have so many ideas pinned on Pinterest and in my design boards in Picasa. Also all our photos and framed art are in storage and I am so excited to get them up on the walls.

3. Being homeowners. We have never owned a home, we have just rented for the last 4 years (and lived for free with Kyle's parents for the last 6 months). and so the adventure will continue...