Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm Back!

Turns out that having a baby sometimes means forgetting you have a blog for 3 months! If you hadn't noticed already, the last post on my blog was the finished nursery. It was a good thing we finished the nursery because 3 days later our little man was born!

On July 29th, 2012 at 1:04 am, we welcomed Nolan Benjamin into our arms. He was 6 pounds 12 ounces and with a full head of dark hair. Needless to say I have been spending my hours holding, cuddling and in general just being in awe of him.

Here he is. Look at all that beautiful hair!

Tiny footprints with the extra ink on Kyle's arm

Moved into our Mother Baby room

A few hours after meeting each other for the first time

First day home. Hadn't taken the wrist bands off yet

Nolan was about two weeks old here. Off to Meet my Grandma for the first time

Four generations together. It has been my dream for my Grandma to meet my children. She is such a big part of my life, and I couldn't imagine her not meeting him

I can see so much love in this photo

Nolan's one month photo

Two month photo

2 week newborn photo shoot. He had all this amazing peach fuzz all over his arms and back

Oh how I love this photo. I have it in black and white in the dining room

He held his hand out perfectly so we placed our wedding rings in his hand

Nolan is sitting in a family steam trunk and laying on a blanket I was given from India. I always wanted to have his photo taken in the trunk

Sitting together in his rocking chair


My mom made his onesie with this adorable polka dot tie! We grabbed a basket and some books from the living room and voila, instant photo set!

About a week old, snuggling with me

We had a little bit of jaundice, so Nolan got to do some sun bathing his first week

Proud Grandparents! My mom likes to wear bold shirts with Nolan so he watches her!

2 weeks old

About a month old here, lounging on the Boppy

Finished watching Daddy's kickball game

His shirt says it all, "Sooooo big!"

Nolan around 3 months. 15 lbs, woo hoo!

Sitting around with Daddy

Modeling his awesome Bum Genius diapers. His shirt say "Diaper loading, please wait"

Nolan and I recovering after his 2 month shots

Great Grandma's 90th Birthday!

Family photo!

Love those chubby cheeks!

Happy Halloween! and 3 months old!

We didn't take Nolan trick or treating but he did have an adorable plump pumpkin costume that we wore for all of 10 minutes

Our unhappy pumpkin!

Annual family hay ride

And we end with my favorite photo of his to date. I keep this photo on my desk at work and look at his every chance I get
I sincerely hope to continue to add more posts to the blog. We are still adding to the house and making it feel more like home but with a little one, you never know how much free time you can expect. Realistically I wont be posting every week but as much as I can I will try (I will try!)
Love, Chelsea

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Modern Boy Nursery

The nursery is complete! We started with the apple green walls and just let it go from there. I had wanted a nature inspired modern nursery for our little guy. I had originally thought about having tree decals on the walls or painting tree limbs. Now I would call the theme "Eclectic Nature Nursery"

The changing table is a dresser from IKEA and is great for storage and seems to be the right height for changing a diaper. We just added a changing table pad for around $15 and a soft cover. I added a few baskets for his newborn diapers and the changing area is complete.

The dresser fit really well between the window and the area where the vent is in the floor.

We created a collage above the changing table. The leaf painting was made by my cousin Natalie and it completely inspired a bit of an orange theme in the room. We have two frames up that I left empty to add photos in later.

I just thought this was such a sweet saying to hang in a nursery.

The last frame in the collage is a fun print I saw online of an orange fox. I thought it worked well with the orange leaf painting and cute little plush owl pillow.

Wicker storage baskets by the changing table for teeny tiny newborn diapers and itty bitty socks!

This is probably my favorite addition to the nursery. I bought him from Edynsgarden on for a cool $18 total with shipping. I had my eye on this cute plush owl pillow for months, then one day I said "okay, our nursery NEEDS this owl".

The top drawer of the dresser has our cloth diapers that we will use once he outgrows the newborn disposable diapers. We also have boxes of wipes and a small box of rattles and toys.

I love all the fun colors the cloth diapers come in! We went with Bum Genius freetime all in one diaper after much research. We plan on diapering with disposables for the first few weeks (plus we were given lots of newborn diapers at my shower) and then switch to the cloth after that.

These cloth diapers are all one piece, so no folding or stuffing. They just need to be washed in the washer every other day of use and then dried. They fit babies better if they are over 8 pounds but they do make newborn sized ones too. This color is called "Ribbit"!

We added a super cheap (and I mean cheap, its particle board) book shelf from Target for $15. It fits the space and is added storage in the awkward little nook.

The orange lamp is another HomeGoods find and the book is a classic "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

We added some of our favorite childhood books that we can read to him during down time.

The teddy bear is Kyle's from when he was a baby and I love that now it has a place in our nursery.

I love the clean lines of this two tone crib. It is Mercer by Babyletto and we found it at I think cribs are so over priced, and this one was no exception. It is adjustable in height and coverts to a toddler bed and has a nice drawer that pulls out on the bottom for added storage.

The crib is over near the window, across from the changing table and fit pretty well in the space

I found the bird painting at HomeGoods for $30 and I loved it! I was looking for something to fill the space above the crib and the fun oranges and blue birds were perfect. After we have his newborn photos done we might put a photo above the crib.

I am very pleased with how well everything fit in small room. I think the room is only about 9x10 with a few cut out spaces.

Just this last weekend we bought the chair from IKEA. It's not a rocker but it does bounce a little with your feet. The thing I love about it, it fits my shape perfectly! It hits my neck, lower back and knees all at the right height which is ideal for a nursing chair.

Soon I will be enjoying my new little man while sitting in this very chair. Such an amazing thought!