Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Lines are Set

Its official, we have the house boundaries staked! We can finally see the area where the house will go and where roughly the individual rooms are. Our builder came down from Grand Rapids for the morning to meet with Kyle and the survey company at the property. It took about 3 hours for the surveyors to put stakes at all the property boudaries and corners. Then they used our house plans to plan out the boundaries of the house.

Below is the view of the property from the road. It is way to difficult to see it (actually its impossible to see in this photo but trust me they are there!), but the house lines are stakes near the back left of the photo.

On Saturday we walked down to the property to see how everything turned out. Kyle's parents and youngest sister Jamie went with us to view the stakes and stand inside our future home. I got a little overly excited when I got to look at what my view will be looking out from the kitchen window! We have beautiful views from every window of the house. Especially from the second story from the master bedroom. The windows look out to a forest of lush trees.

We also discovered lots of gorgeous wildflowers all over the property. We already new many of them but this spring and summer has sprung forth many new flowers. We have an abundance of milk weed (a favorite of growing catepillars), Indian paintbrush and even wild strawberries! They were tiny and perfectly ripe! Some of the strawberries are growing where the house will be, so we will need to transplant them elsewhere. I was so surprised to see how many patches of them were around the yard.


 And finally, here is the view from where the house will sit looking out to the road. I am dreaming of the day when we can sit out on the front porch and this will be what we see.  

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