Saturday, April 28, 2012

Modern Craftsman Kitchen

Since moving into the house about 8 weeks ago, the kitchen has been one of our favorite rooms. We have so much storage and so much space to prep food and cook. The kitchen can easily accommodate many people around the island. We still haven't filled many of the shelves and drawers!

The kitchen cabinets are a shaker style cabinet from Aristokraft. The door style for the white cabinets are called Winstead and the darker brown cabinets are Sinclair. We love how the wood floors warm up the modern feel of the kitchen.

The kitchen is very open from the dining room to allow for easy entertaining and socializing while preparing a meal. We have a large island with two ceramic pendants and a large bank of windows on the East wall.

One of the favorite areas of the kitchen would have to be the stove top that is almost like a fireplace hearth the way it surrounds the cooking area. We had always wanted a two tone kitchen, utilizing white cabinets as well as darker wood cabinets. Originally we had thought about darker cabinets for all the base cabinets and white for the uppers but we decided we liked more of the white and used the darker cabinets more sparingly.

To the left and right of the stove top we have a 12 inch counter top area and shallow cabinets up above. For the left side we have a simple spice rack and up above in the cabinet we have baking supplies.

We tried to keep the crown mouldings very simple in the kitchen to reflect the shaker cabinet style and craftsman heritage of our home. As we mentioned before our handles are all stainless steel pulls from IKEA. Their sleek profile fits in the kitchen very well and they were inexpensive at $7.99 for a two pack.

On either side of the stove top we have two cabinets the pull out and house all our cooking oils and spices. These cabinets are actually base cabinets with the toe kicks on the bottom cut off. This is the only area of the kitchen where the back splash tile goes all the way up the wall. We also have an exhaust fan and lighting up underneath the cabinet above the stove top.

This is the view of the kitchen when you walk in through the mudroom and pantry area. If you turned to the right you would walk towards the dining room. The island has been used almost everyday for food prep and since we don't have the dining room table we have been eating at the island too (while standing mind you, since we don't really have room for stools).

Next to the fridge we have a long area of counter top and prep space. We have been using it mostly for breakfast prep and the toaster sits over here most days. We have really enjoyed the back splash, it was the perfect style and color for our kitchen. The tile is made by Bliss, the color is Iceland and it has stone, matte and clear glass and white marble.

 We found these awesome jars at Target for storing the flour and sugar. I love that these glass jars have a wide mouth at the top that makes scooping out of them really easy. They were one of the first accessories I bought for the new kitchen and they are functional and good looking!

In planning the kitchen we originally thought about having small cabinets on what is now the wall of windows. We are very glad we went with just windows on the East wall. We have plenty of storage in the kitchen (especially with the island and our walk in pantry). We just love how much light comes in and our beautiful view outside.

On the East wall we have our dishwasher and our amazing black cast iron farmhouse sink. The sink is by Kohler and will probably out live our great-great grand children! We have loved having this sink as part of our kitchen. Our only complaint is that because it is in a shiny black finish, it shows water spots like crazy. The only cure seems to be wiping out the sink each time you use it (not going to happen!)

In a few years when we finish the detached garage, the windows in the kitchen will look on the garage. We also have a really nice view of wildflowers and shrubs just beyond the driveway. Very enjoyable to look out when doing dishes and see so much wild life and beauty.

Finally a plant I can't forget to water. We picked up three of these little fake potted wheat grass plants from IKEA a few weeks back. They add a little fun pop of green to the kitchen.

We chose a stainless steel goose neck faucet by Delta for the kitchen sink. It swivels to reach each side of the sink and the nozzle pulls out for even more reach. It has been a great detail in the kitchen and has been really handy for cleaning large pans and reach to the counter to fill a big pot of water.

There she is in all her white glossy cabinet glory! We have loved every minute in this kitchen so far and can't wait to make many memories with family and friends as we host parties and gatherings for many years.

Updated: our paint color for the kitchen: Summit Grey by Sherwin Williams. SW7669

If you have any questions on our finishes, colors or anything about the kitchen, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nursery Ideas

That's right its time to start planning the nursery. I wasn't sure if we would share pregnancy related news here on the blog since our blog is mostly about building our dream home. But this little one, and hopefully his adorable nursery will be a big part of our home so it made sense to share the news on the blog as well.

Kyle and I are both beyond excited for his arrival in August. We are due August 7th and we did find out we are having a baby boy! Things have been going very smoothly so far but I am starting to feel like we are running out of time to get things done around here. I'm sure many new moms feel this way, that there is so much to do before the baby gets here. Over the last few weeks here at the house, very little has been done and it is so frustrating.

Our drain field finally went in a few weeks ago (we live out away from any public sewage system so we have a drain field behind the house). For the first 6 weeks that we lived here we just had the septic tank but now the field is in and that's where the progress has stopped. They still need to level out the yard and re-grade the slope of the property. Because of the settling dirt we have to climb up 2-3 feet to get up the porch to get inside the house. This is getting more and more difficult to maneuver ever week for me.

The other frustration is our furniture that we ordered almost 8 weeks ago still isn't here! We have been unable to have parties and enjoy the house because we have still zero places to sit down. Hopefully another week on the couch and no expected time line on the dining room set yet. The whole dining on the floor, like we were in a hip sushi restaurant, is no longer fun. I am ready to sit at a real table and sit in our dining room.

Enough complaining! We don't have much in the nursery yet but I have some ideas that hopefully we can get started on here soon.

First off I love the serene nature of this nursery inspiration. I also love the white slate board crib and the window shade with the little owl and birds.

The color on the walls of this nursery are close to the green in our nursery and I hope to recreate the birch trees on our wall.

I love everything about this modern nursery. I love the re purposed retro dresser for the changing table and the nature theme with the owl art work. I also love the mobile above the changing area to keep baby entertained.

This compilation has all the colors I am thinking about for our nursery. The green from our wall color and modern touches that feel appropriate for a nursery but maybe a little more sophisticated.

As it stands now this is the only item in the nursery. It is a smaller version of the dresser we bought for our bedroom at IKEA. The plan is for this dresser to have a changing table pad on top and maybe some art work on the wall behind it.

Our current nursery... a big green, blank canvas. I am hoping to have a nature theme for his room. I plan to have a wall with silhouette birch trees and art work with foxes and owls. The walls are an apple green and I want to introduce small pops of orange and aqua blue. The furniture will be white for the most part.

Here is my mood board for the nursery. I want clean lines, retro colors (green, orange and aqua) and I want to keep it eco-friendly and fun.

Just one more cute ultrasound photo of him sucking his thumb!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Master Bedroom

Things are slowly coming together here at the new house. Our sectional and our dining room set are still not here however our master bedroom is really looking great! About a month ago now we bought our dresser from IKEA and that was just the start of making the bedroom feel like home.

Last weekend we added a colorful duvet from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It has reds, yellows and teals in a paisley pattern. We picked up two nightstands from IKEA that we assembled in about 30 minutes each. The biggest change came when we added our new closet system (also from IKEA, man do we love that store!)

The walls of our bedroom are a soft green/blue called Sea Salt, very soothing. Now it feels balanced with the colorful duvet and my new fun lamp. This photo shows the height of the room and the beam that runs down the center of the ceiling.

I love lamp, truly I do. I fell in love with this peacock colored cutie last weekend! I found her at the clearance center at Art Van for $35.00 and with our new nightstands she has a spot to sit.

The night stands were only $60 each from IKEA and were super easy to assemble. They match the dresser we bought last month and we plan to buy one more dresser in this collection for in the closet.

All the drawers have these cute striped prints in the inside. The nightstands don't provide much storage, just enough for my glasses my charger to my cell phone, but it does provide a place for a glass of water at night and a spot for the lamp.

We also now are the proud owners of window coverings! We opted for black out honey comb shades for the master bedroom. We still need to get a new head board and add some pillows that coordinate with the new bedding. I am thinking a nice tall head board that takes advantage of the tall ceilings.

The closets are still a work in progress but we are just happy to not have all our clothes on the floor in bags. I have taken the left side of the closet, Kyle has the right and we share the middle with lots of shelving.

The bottom four shelves pull our for folded shirts and pants and we have lots of storage above. We plan to add trim for the gaps between the units to finish it off and possibly adding hooks for hanging belts or scarves.

Here is Kyle's side of the closet with all his suits and shirts. We have most of our folded stuff in the dresser in the bedroom, and if we need more space we will be putting another shelving unit in the closet.

It feels like a grown up bedroom and closet now! Kyle had been hanging his suits in the basement since we moved in so I would say this is a huge step up for us.

Stay tuned for more updates as we make this house feel like our home. We have so many ideas to make it feel comfortable and inviting that we can't wait to share!