Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nursery Ideas

That's right its time to start planning the nursery. I wasn't sure if we would share pregnancy related news here on the blog since our blog is mostly about building our dream home. But this little one, and hopefully his adorable nursery will be a big part of our home so it made sense to share the news on the blog as well.

Kyle and I are both beyond excited for his arrival in August. We are due August 7th and we did find out we are having a baby boy! Things have been going very smoothly so far but I am starting to feel like we are running out of time to get things done around here. I'm sure many new moms feel this way, that there is so much to do before the baby gets here. Over the last few weeks here at the house, very little has been done and it is so frustrating.

Our drain field finally went in a few weeks ago (we live out away from any public sewage system so we have a drain field behind the house). For the first 6 weeks that we lived here we just had the septic tank but now the field is in and that's where the progress has stopped. They still need to level out the yard and re-grade the slope of the property. Because of the settling dirt we have to climb up 2-3 feet to get up the porch to get inside the house. This is getting more and more difficult to maneuver ever week for me.

The other frustration is our furniture that we ordered almost 8 weeks ago still isn't here! We have been unable to have parties and enjoy the house because we have still zero places to sit down. Hopefully another week on the couch and no expected time line on the dining room set yet. The whole dining on the floor, like we were in a hip sushi restaurant, is no longer fun. I am ready to sit at a real table and sit in our dining room.

Enough complaining! We don't have much in the nursery yet but I have some ideas that hopefully we can get started on here soon.

First off I love the serene nature of this nursery inspiration. I also love the white slate board crib and the window shade with the little owl and birds.

The color on the walls of this nursery are close to the green in our nursery and I hope to recreate the birch trees on our wall.

I love everything about this modern nursery. I love the re purposed retro dresser for the changing table and the nature theme with the owl art work. I also love the mobile above the changing area to keep baby entertained.

This compilation has all the colors I am thinking about for our nursery. The green from our wall color and modern touches that feel appropriate for a nursery but maybe a little more sophisticated.

As it stands now this is the only item in the nursery. It is a smaller version of the dresser we bought for our bedroom at IKEA. The plan is for this dresser to have a changing table pad on top and maybe some art work on the wall behind it.

Our current nursery... a big green, blank canvas. I am hoping to have a nature theme for his room. I plan to have a wall with silhouette birch trees and art work with foxes and owls. The walls are an apple green and I want to introduce small pops of orange and aqua blue. The furniture will be white for the most part.

Here is my mood board for the nursery. I want clean lines, retro colors (green, orange and aqua) and I want to keep it eco-friendly and fun.

Just one more cute ultrasound photo of him sucking his thumb!

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