Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Master Bedroom

Things are slowly coming together here at the new house. Our sectional and our dining room set are still not here however our master bedroom is really looking great! About a month ago now we bought our dresser from IKEA and that was just the start of making the bedroom feel like home.

Last weekend we added a colorful duvet from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It has reds, yellows and teals in a paisley pattern. We picked up two nightstands from IKEA that we assembled in about 30 minutes each. The biggest change came when we added our new closet system (also from IKEA, man do we love that store!)

The walls of our bedroom are a soft green/blue called Sea Salt, very soothing. Now it feels balanced with the colorful duvet and my new fun lamp. This photo shows the height of the room and the beam that runs down the center of the ceiling.

I love lamp, truly I do. I fell in love with this peacock colored cutie last weekend! I found her at the clearance center at Art Van for $35.00 and with our new nightstands she has a spot to sit.

The night stands were only $60 each from IKEA and were super easy to assemble. They match the dresser we bought last month and we plan to buy one more dresser in this collection for in the closet.

All the drawers have these cute striped prints in the inside. The nightstands don't provide much storage, just enough for my glasses my charger to my cell phone, but it does provide a place for a glass of water at night and a spot for the lamp.

We also now are the proud owners of window coverings! We opted for black out honey comb shades for the master bedroom. We still need to get a new head board and add some pillows that coordinate with the new bedding. I am thinking a nice tall head board that takes advantage of the tall ceilings.

The closets are still a work in progress but we are just happy to not have all our clothes on the floor in bags. I have taken the left side of the closet, Kyle has the right and we share the middle with lots of shelving.

The bottom four shelves pull our for folded shirts and pants and we have lots of storage above. We plan to add trim for the gaps between the units to finish it off and possibly adding hooks for hanging belts or scarves.

Here is Kyle's side of the closet with all his suits and shirts. We have most of our folded stuff in the dresser in the bedroom, and if we need more space we will be putting another shelving unit in the closet.

It feels like a grown up bedroom and closet now! Kyle had been hanging his suits in the basement since we moved in so I would say this is a huge step up for us.

Stay tuned for more updates as we make this house feel like our home. We have so many ideas to make it feel comfortable and inviting that we can't wait to share!


  1. thankl you for this blog! my husband and I just got married and are building our first house ( we have a few walls up). Its nice to know others run into some of the same problems and hard decisions.

    1. Thank you, you comment was so sweet! Yes, at times building a home can be quite a challenge and somewhat overwhelming but hopefully worth it in the end! Keep me updated on your progress