Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paint Color Updates

Lots of fun things happening at the house over the last few weeks. To recap: Painting finished up (except for some minor touch up work), Granite counter tops were installed in the kitchen and master bathroom and flooring was delivered.

The most dramatic changes took place when the painting wrapped up. Its incredible how a little color can transform a space. The majority of the house has neutral beige and grey (which I love as a neutral) with a few punches of color. Kyle is still wrapping his head around the in-your-face orange of the mudroom but I am head over heels for it. I have a few photos of each room for your sampling delight. I must warn you, it's already dark by the time I come home to visit the house and as a result the following photos and pretty terrible.

The lovely exterior hasn't changed much lately. It still needs crisp white paint for all the areas you see that are tan (that's just the primer color). And of course we need front stairs so people can actually walk to the front door. The chicken coop type plank is getting old

Terrible lighting photo #1. The staircase rails are stained "rich mahogany" and are looking so beautiful. I can picture garland wrapped around the railings for Christmas next year!

A little close up view of the railings. The stain has a warm, inviting feel with red under tones. I like the contrast with the dark stain and the bright white spindles. We decided to have the rails and newl post in the dark stain because these are the areas most people touch and the stain will hide hand oils better than if we went white.

Looking from the living room to the foyer. New stair treads are down and are awaiting carpet next week

Granite counters are here! Looking great, although one cupboard door got damaged during the installation. Put that on the too do list of things to fix this week

The view of the kitchen from the now Green dining room. Sorry for the general lack of lighting in the photo ( I did warn you they were awful photos). We are still waiting for lighting to be hung throughout the house.

My beautiful cast iron farmhouse sink is now nested in place with the grey counter tops. Look at all the counter top space and wide expanse of windows! I am a happy girl.

I couldn't resist another view out the window in the kitchen. The back splash will be joining the kitchen in a few weeks too

Parakeet green dining room! I know its intense for some. We had one wall that was green at our old apartment and I loved it. I think with trim and hardwood floors it wont look so shockingly green. I also have plans for artwork to go between the door to the office and the wall near the kitchen

This photo does not do justice to what Kyle calls "Hunters Vest Orange".

I think the Tangerine color works in this space because there is not a lot of wall space and most of the hallway is white trim or the white lockers

The down stairs bathroom is now a classy grey. Soon a white sink and toilet will join and I am thinking a black oval mirror to complete the crisp modern feel

The fireplace is nearly complete. The built in shelves are looking amazing with their new coat of glossy white paint

We just picked up the glass tile that will go on the face of the fireplace and it will go on in a few weeks with the rest of the tile in the house

Here is the tile for the fireplace we got for a steal at Home Depot for $3.97 a sq ft. It is a clear glass with a very slight hint of green sea glass. We needed about 12 sq ft (and we threw in a 13th tile just in case)

The upstairs South bedroom in Essential Grey

I L-O-V-E the grey with the white trim! All this room needs is carpet (next week) and a light fixture and its done!

Caution: another crazy color. This one is called Nervy and frankly I was terrified when it first went on the walls. It's grown on me now but its not for everyone. I have a pattern picked out for curtains with pale blue, burnt orange and a hint of lime green

Our lovely master bedroom with its new coat of Sea Salt. Love this color too. It seems to be everyones favorite in the house

Its hard to see the color on the wall in this photo of the master bedroom. The beam on the ceiling is stained and is in the basement waiting to be installed next week possibly, then carpet and done!

Flooring will hopefully be installed next week and then tile. Its all coming together and we are nearing completion!

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