Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goethermal Loop

Its like Christmas morning around here! Kyle and I were so excited to see our geothermal loop go in yesterday. It will only take about 2 days for the crew of 2 guys to dig the trench (with a backhoe) and run the lines for the loop.

Kyle did a wonderful post this past spring all about what geothermal is, check it out at Heating and Cooling with Geothermal. Basically we are using the constant heat below ground to heat and cool our new home. This method costs more up front but offers savings each month in lower utility bills.

The loop is 6 feet deep and extends from the house almost to the road

Here is where the loop joins to the house. The warmth of the earth heats the fluid in the loops and in turn transfers the warmth to the furnace which distributes warm air inside, keeping the house toasty warm (or cool in summer)

We have 3 loops going away from the house and 3 loops coming back towards the house

Looks like the grand canyon! Actually it looks like my front yard is a big pile of dirt. The crew will "back fill" or use the dirt that was dug out of the trench to fill the hole back in

The loops are held in place with what look like giant staples. They pin the loops in place in the ground so they don't shift too much from there spots in the ground

This is almost to the road in front of our house. The loop starts way out here and goes up to the house

This is view of the geothermal loop field from the upstairs bedroom. You can really see how far out to the road the loops extend

Once the dirt is back over the loops and grass starts to grow back, we wont ever be able to see this view again. Its great knowing that those loops will sit in the ground and work around the clock to heat and cool our house, love it!

Hit us up for any questions if you are considering or want more information on geothermal systems. We are always happy help!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your geothermal system! That's not something you're going to find on an old bungalow like mine.