Saturday, November 26, 2011

Update: Drywall Done, finally

I see a pattern in building a custom home... everything takes 4 times as long as it should and costs about double. First it was the county permits, lost about a week. Then it was the electrical, that took about a 3 week chunk of time. Last week we lost a week waiting for our electrical company to run the line to the house and the latest loss of time goes to drywall. Not trying to be negative, just keeping it real.

But now it's finally done! wait, scratch that, its 99% done. They still need to come back and finished the basement doorway opening that they forgot. The hung, mudded, taped and sanded all the drywall and it looks great. No lumpy areas or wavy drywall boards. A good drywall company is a must when building a house. It may be something one would be tempted to over look but in all our research we found it was a must.  If you have a poor drywall job done, your paint can look terrible or have "nail pops" where the drywall nails pop through the drywall.

See here is the photo progress on the inside of the house...

View straight on of the living room and the fireplace

This is the kitchen all covered in drywall dust. Next week we are scheduled for our kitchen cabinetry delivery and installation

Another view of the living room, this time with the large front window

This is the view from the living room looking out at the front door and the area where the stairs go to the second floor

Kyle took this photo at a fun angle, he is standing on the basement stairs looking into the living room

Looking down at the entry way from the loft

Here is the front (South) facing bedroom and the lovely tall ceilings!

Another view looking down from the loft. You can see the "plant shelf" on top of the entry way closet. I'm sure I can find something cute to sit there!

While standing in the loft we are looking at the bathroom (on the left) and the master bedroom door way (on the right)

Here's what the house looks like as of today. The columns are in process of getting there stone facade and then the tops of the columns can be built and attach to the roof

Just for fun, here is the Google Maps Aeriel view of the property. You can really see how long our drive way is from this photo

One day the grass will grow back!

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