Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Splash of Color

We finally decided on all the paint colors! So here's the list from every single room. We tried not to go overboard with color but we didn't want to play it too safe either. Basically we have lived in apartments for 4 years. That means 4 years of stark white walls. I was afraid when we started picking out colors that I wouldn't be able to stop my self from picking every color in the rainbow.

I think we kept a nice balance of neutral and fun colors, but only time will tell if they all look well in the house together. The other challenge we had was, we have no furniture. None. Since we sold all of our hand me down furniture (couch, love seat, dining set, desk) we really don't have any colors to plan around. We also didn't have many window coverings since they are provided in apartments. So I had no starting point to go on with the wall colors.

It took a lot of thought and imagination to pick these colors but we are really happy with the selection. Some colors were easy to decide on, like the kitchen. We already knew the cabinet, back splash and counter top colors. Honestly I think my favorite is the mudroom. We picked a spunky orange color called Mandarin.

Does any one else pick paint colors partially based on their name?

Kitchen Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Summit Grey #7669

 Grey with a hint of blue just like our tile back splash. The cabinets are white and should contrast nicely with the dark walls and counter tops.

Foyer, Living Room, Stairs and Loft Wall Colors: Sherwin Williams Bagel #6108

Neutral and Cozy for the living room and not too dark for the staircase and loft

Office Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Essential Grey SW6002

 A neutral wall color to compliment some bolder accent colors in the office

Dining Room Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Parakeet #7611

A fun, quirky color that will go well with colors in the kitchen. The kitchen is Grey and White with pops of lime green in the towel, dishes and accessories

Mudroom and Pantry Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Mandarin #6891

What a fun color for a mudroom? There is not a lot of wall space in the hallway and most of it is white cabinetry so I don't think it will be too overwhelming

Laundry Room Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige #7036

A pretty neutral Beige to go with the laundry cabinets (see below)

This is the color for the laundry room cabinet color. Yeah for fun cabinet colors in beige rooms!

Upstairs Bedroom #2 wall color: Sherwin Williams Nervy Hue #6971

This green is similar to our dining room color (Parakeet) but is a little more on the yellow side and slightly lighter

Upstairs Bedroom #1 wall color: Sherwin Williams Essential Grey #6002

This is the same wall color as the downstairs bedroom we call the office. I like grey as a neutral wall color. I am planning some fun curtains and bedding in yellow (see below)

Upstairs Bedroom #1 Accent Color: Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow #6902

I have always wanted a room with Grey and Yellow! Such a modern and fun color combo

Upstairs Bathroom Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Dutch Tile Blue #0031

This medium tone blue will look great with all the white fixtures and the white shower curtain. The sink vanity in this bathroom has a cherry finish and a counter top with hints of blue

Master Bedroom and Closet Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt #6204

I am in love with this color, it blends my favorites: grey and blue

Master Bedroom Accent Color: Sherwin Williams Coconut Husk #6111

We will have dark wood for the furniture and the ridge beam in the center of the ceiling

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