Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surprise, it's Drywall!

It started out like just another Saturday morning. Kyle and I went to visit our house like we do everyday. As we turned the key to enter the house we saw something amazing...progress! After a long month of slow progress and many set backs we finally had something great happen. A crew of 6 men came to the house and hung almost all the drywall in one day!

The drywallers will continue the drywall all this week and hopefully (fingers double crossed) we will be looking at kitchen cabinets in a little over a week! So the schedule of events is looking something like this...

         Drywall- will take about one week
         Interior Priming- should take one day
         Cabinetry- 1 to 2 days to hang all the kitchen cabinets
         Flooring- will take a week for the whole house

So even though our house is extremely energy efficient and is heavily insulated, we still have gaps and cold spots. So before the drywall could go up, we needed spray foam. Lots and lots of spray foam! Between all the floor levels their are spaces for the floor joists. All those cavities needed to be filled with an expanding foam. It took a crew of 2, one full day to seal up any gaps that could create cold areas in the house.

Check out all the progress in the last 3 days! Finally moving forward with the interior of the house.

3" of spray foam along the rimboard between the floor joists

This is the area walking down to the basement from the main floor.

An up close look of the "closed cell" spray foam. It is hard to the touch and looks like marsh mellows

The back wall in the basement is framed with timber and is not concrete like the rest of the basement. This area would be cold and drafty without a heavy coating of spray foam. This portion was the only use of "open cell" spray foam in the house. It is softer than the closed cell

Here is a view of the closed cell up above and the open cell foam on the lower part of the wall

While we were checking out the drywall, we saw a few spots the were missed during the insulation process. We had a can of spray foam already at the house that we used to seal up the gaps

Drywall! This is the view from the living room looking into the stairs and foyer

To the right of the stairs, is the coat closet and the main entry door

Such a pretty view... Here is the living room showcasing the fireplace all framed in with drywall

The fireplace still has a ways to go. It needs a mantle, tile, trim and then the built in shelves on either side

Here is the view from the living room looking into the dining room and the office doorway is beyond the dining room

The bathroom on the first floor. The toilet will be under the window and the sink will be to the left

We are looking into the doorway of the laundry room. This room is off the back of the house near the bathroom and mudroom

This is a view as you are walking into the office on the first floor just off the dining room. It has a nice big closet and a nook next to the closet that we plan on having a built in desk on day

These are the tall ceilings of our master bedroom! There were some tricky angles for the drywall crew to work around in the upstairs.

All in all, October was a frustrating month for us. We had a few rain delay days as well as having the electrical take 3 times as long to complete which has really put us behind schedule (and cost more). The drywall being started was a great way to end the month and we are really looking forward to some good news in November with the house.

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