Friday, October 7, 2011

Red Siding, Yes Please!

The siding on the house is well under way and we are thrilled with the color. We had originally wanted to have a grayish-blue siding with white trim but after seeing the blue siding in the sun light we hated it! It was looking more like a powder blue tuxedo straight out of 1975. We thought about a darker blue shade but those were almost navy. And then there was Fire Brick red. It was love at first sight for us.

A few weeks after we saw the red siding and were set with that color we drove by a house in Midland, MI that was pretty close to our house and it just solidified our choice. We also decided from that house that we liked the look of the corners trimmed in white and white trim around the windows as well. Our house is basically wrapped in a shell of vinyl and we like it that way.


That's our baby! Shes big, red and gorgeous!

The red siding will  be on the lower half of the house and up above on the second floor there will be vinyl cedar shakes. We chose to go with vinyl siding and vinyl shakes for there warranty and almost zero maintenance.

Our living room window right off the front porch. The windows all were trimmed out in white and it really makes them stand out.

This is the side of the house where we have the french doors off the dining room. The french doors will be painted when the rest of the exterior painting happens and they will be white. 

Another view of the side of the house with its new coat of red siding.

We have a vinyl sheet in a bead board look underneath the porch ceilings and the overhangs.

So in love with the red siding and our front door! When the front door gets stained it will fit in just a little better. The door has a wood grain and can be any color we want. We are thinking about a cherry stain. Something with some red tones in it.

Paparazzi view of the house from the road to our East. I wanted to include this in the post because its a view rarely seen of the house.

This is the same side of the house as the photo above but today the siding on that side was started.

Ahhhh, so beautiful. We could not be happier about the choice to go with red siding.

There is so much happening at the house these days. Siding, electrical, HVAC, septic, plumbing, and we have to finalize everything! When I say everything, I mean all the little details.

We need to settle on a wood floor color. We have picked out the flooring but just can't decide on the right shade. Then we need to have all lights picked out and ordered this weekend (that's 41 lights all together in the house, ekkk!) We also need to start thinking about paint colors more seriously, and that will take some time. Lots more that needs to get done but we are happy with how things have been moving along with the progress.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging about the house. It means so much to hear all the positive comments. We are feeling the love! Thank you!


  1. Where did you find the door? Love it!

    1. Thanks Tracy, we love it too! It is a fiberglass door by Therma Tru. It is in the Classic Craft American Collection. here is a link if you want to check it out.

  2. What product and color did you use? It looks great!

  3. I never thought red can be this appealing for a siding. I think I just have to look for the right shade of red to make sure that it will look appealing on my house, just like yours. Anyway, how's your house now? I've read your posts about some of the rooms and I wonder if it still looked the same now. #Danielle @

  4. Where did you purchase your siding? And what brand?
    I'm also from Michigan and been thinking Red. Only concern is fading..... My email Thanks