Saturday, September 3, 2011

Basement is done, walls next week!

We now have what looks like a giant empty swimming pool! Actually we have all the foundation walls poured for the basement and the concrete floor is now done too. Although you won't ever see it, below the concrete floor there is a layer of pea stones for drainage and a layer of ridged insulation to keep the floor a bit warmer than your typical basement.

Last week when the basement floor was poured we also had the insulation put around the exterior of the basement. Now even without finishing the basement with interior insulation and drywall we have a nice warm insulating cover with the concrete itself and the ridged insulation boards ( plus the dirt too perhaps). And it looks something like this...

Since the dirt has been pushed up to the house, we can finally walk up to the walls and see down into the basement. Before we could really only view things from the back where the basement windows were cut out. Kyle and I climbed down into the basement last weekend once we were certain the concrete was dry. It was so exciting! Kyle brought along a bouncy ball to see where areas were sloped and also a tool to see if the walls were square. That man is into details I tell you, and its a great thing!

Next week the flooring joists go in and the walls will be delivered and installed for the entire exterior of the house. Then on Friday the roof should be ready to go in place. I am thrilled to see the SIP's (Strucually Insulated Panels) in action! One day we will have a foundation and a few days later and entire shell of our new home. I am nervous because, you know how I mentioned Kyle's attention to detail... well I don't have that quite as much and he is gone all next week out of town on business.

So him not being there for the biggest week of the house makes me nervous. So it will be up to me to make sure things are done correctly and to take many many photos of the progress to share with Kyle each night and with my lovely blog.

So this is the last time our property will look like this...

Until Next week...

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