Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting ready to Start Construction

Next week will mark the week we start construction on our home! The gravel driveway and the culvert (threshold to get over the drain ditch by the road) are going in this coming week and the septic and excavation will start the week after.

It is quite an interesting feeling to see progress happening on the property. It feels like something magical is about to happen. One week there is a field sitting vacant and a few weeks later we will see a foundation and then walls and a roof! Its hard to comprehend and so exciting.

Last Friday we had a perk test (a percolation test, of the absorption rate of soil for septic drain field). We met with our builder, our excavator and someone from the County Health Dept for the test. The test included having our excavator digging an 8 foot deep hole where the septic will go and then a hole for the secondary septic if we every need it. It seems odd to be talking about the septic and drain field but its an important part of a good, well thought out home.

After the test we met with the supplier for the driveway gravel and mapped out the placement of the driveway. It was another great step forward and was a great afternoon except for the sunburns that both Kyle and I got from our time in the sun. We are typically SPF 50 kind of people, but we completely forgot that afternoon in all the excitement. Now we've got to work on the tan lines!

This is a view down into the hole dug for the perk test. Thankfully they filled in this hazardous hole when they were done.


More updates to come as we get closer to construction!

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