Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finally progress, We have a driveway!

The first step towards our house has finally happened. The driveway went in on Friday and will be finished on Monday. Our driveway will be about 400 feet from the road so the house will be quite a ways back. After 2 weeks of delays with our County the driveway was able to start.

Next step for the house will be the basement hole to be dug, and that is scheduled for Wednesday (in 3 days). After the hole has been dug the County will inspect the areas where they want the footings for the foundation. Once the footings are established they will need to be inspected again before we can move on to pouring the concrete for the basement foundation.

During this time the drain tile will also go in beneath the basement to encourage any water to follow a certain pathway away from the house, this is meant to always keep the basement dry. There is still so much that needs to happen but its a start!

This is a view at the end of the driveway looking out at the road.

This is the view from the future garage area towards the road. That's Kyle's car parked on the driveway.

In addition to the driveway going in we also now have a sign from our builder on the property.

We also picked out our roofing color and the stone for our front porch columns this weekend. We selected a mid tone grey called Georgetown Grey by Certainteed for the asphalt shingles. We would have liked to go with steel for the roof but it just wasn't in the budget.

We decided to go with a stone by Quarry Ridge called Rustic Ledgstone Bella. We love the stacks of stone and how they have minimal grout showing. We still haven't picked out the color for our cedar shakes, we just can't decide! The cedar shakes are a large part of the house exterior and we just haven't been able to make up our minds yet. We hope that seeing a bigger sample will help us because soon here we need to make a choice.

So to recap here are our exterior choices: Vinyl siding by Norandex in premium Fire Brick Red. 35 year asphalt shingles by Certainteed in Georgetown Grey. Quarry Ridge stone in Rustic Ledgestone Bella for the porch columns. White for all the decorative trims, soffit, fascia and dentil shelf on the second level of the house. We are thinking about some level of beige/tan for the shakes? Any ideas would be appreciated!

More updates next week when the foundation starts!

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