Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekender Update

So I had actually had very good intentions to post this on Sunday to be like a wrap up from the weekends house happenings... I blame it on "springing forward" from daylight savings time. We got a lot done on Saturday in regards to house decisions.

We started our day off at Tile Mart They are a locally owned and operated tile showroom with 5 locations in Michigan and Indiana. The had a very large showroom, with many full sized tile displays. I never realized how easier it is to visualize your space when the tiles are assembled on a large area together. We are still having a hard time wrapping our head around our 5 ft  by 7 ft master shower, but more on that later.

Here is what we are leaning towards for the master shower. There is Kyle's lovely hand holding a 12" by 24" tile. The one on the right is a cream ceramic tile with veins of grey brown and the tile on the left is called Metalikka (yes like the rock band Metallica!) and I also love the flecks of copper and reddish tones in it. We love the size of these tiles but we are also thinking of going with 9" by 12" to still get that rectangular proportions but scale it back a bit. We are thinking the cream tile for the shower walls and the copper for the floor throughout the bathroom both in a brick pattern.

Okay here is our favorite part... We are hoping create a border about eye level around the inside of the shower. The tile in the upper part of the photo is what we are thinking of using. It is called Horizon Stick, and it has varying thicknesses of linear stone. Shown in the photo next to the Metalikka ceramic tile. We are also thinking this accent tile will look great in the corner of the shower up the wall (from floor to ceiling). This corner will be where we all the shampoos and soaps get to hang out.

We didn't find anything we loved for the kitchen back splash but we felt pretty excited about the shower tiles we picked out. We didn't have as much luck at our next stop. We heard of a lighting store near Michigan State University in East Lansing that was on our way east so we stopped by. They had some lovely selections but they were much more of the crystal chandelier variety, which is beautiful no doubt but not for us. We stayed a while and browsed there table lamps and pendants but nothing seemed our style. Oh well it was fun! On to the next stop!

World Market! One of my favorite places for  home decor and for chocolate too if you wanted to know! I think we found our coffee table, an area rug for the living room and we almost got our dining room table. The table will be a story for another day. Here is the table we are loving, especially the look of the legs and the plank style top. It is called Verona and will hopefully be ours next weekend!

World Market Verona Table

On our way home Kyle started to get a headache and we joked that it was from thinking to hard at the tile store! It was hard mental work to think of how these tiles would look in our space. So when we got home we took a tip from YHL to map out your shower to get a good idea of the space. So we got out the tape measure and marked of the size of the master bath shower, where the door would be and we were able to decide where the shower heads would make the most sense. It gave us much more confidence in our decision and it was fun to stand in the living room and pretend to be in our future shower!

Question: What do you think of the tiles? What do you think of the border tile idea?

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