Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Bright Side

This has been a roller coaster week for us. First we have had some amazing responses from local contractors wanting to work on our project. This has been so encouraging! Kyle and I have spent every single night after work e-mailing and calling contractors in order to tame this budget. It has been at times exhausting to say the least but we are finally making some progress.

One of the best things for us has been talking to reputable contractors that have already given us bids and asking if they know other contractors they would recommend. Word of mouth referrals are so important when it comes to home building and remodeling. Since we are not handy enough (or have enough time) to build this home with our own hands, we have to rely on the contractors we are choosing. We have spoken to people about who they have used in the past and the quality of their work. The most important lesson of the week, ASK around.

Also we want to say a BIG thank you to those people that have given us words of encouragement and have supported us through this process. We have really been feeling the love the family and friends this week and this has meant so much to us. So I would like to share a little good news this week.

Drum roll please....

We have already saved a whopping 34% in the plumbing category.

We have saved a little over 10% in the concrete and foundation category.

Its not a long list right now but it is a great start! We are still following up with various contractors in several areas. I think Kyle has called every Geothermal company in the greater Lansing area over the last 2 weeks. Our main goal now is to continue to gather bids and fingers crossed that it continues to get better.

Tonight we leave you with a little words of wisdom from Jon Huntsman from his book, Winners Never Cheat...

"Achieving your dream requires sweat, courage, commitment, talent, integrity, vision, faith, and a few breaks"

Its going to be totally worth it in the end.

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