Sunday, August 4, 2013

Small Laundry Room, Big Color

 Last weekend we had about a hundred guests here for Nolan's first birthday party and that was good motivation to get lots of projects done on the house. We finally finished the laundry room just in time for birthday bash.
The laundry room took us a lot longer than we thought (DIY with a wee one means not a lot of time between getting home from work and going to bed). The project took about 3 months from start to completion.
We had a pretty good sized to do list in this room. It was a blank slate, with just 4 walls and a washer and a dryer to start with. We started with building a riser for both the washer and dryer, painted the back wall aqua, then added 2 upper cabinets and handles, and finally built a top from left over flooring.
Check out the photos!

Obviously, I am not afraid of color. The mudroom (show to the left of the photo) is bright orange wall and the new wall color for the laundry room is "Aqua" by Crayola Paint. So cheerful isn't it? 

The room started out with just the washer and dryer and now it is finished! The riser underneath has made laundry even less of a chore!
Kyle built the riser as a simple box with braces underneath to handle the weight of the appliances and painted the whole thing white to match the washer/ dryer and also the cabinets above.
We were originally going to just make a simple plywood top but man did it look terrible. So we kept the plywood and put left over hardwood from our living room over top. The wood flooring top really warms up the room and looks great next to the aqua wall.

Had to add a few accessories to the room. The vase was just sitting in the basement and the fake plant (yes fake plants, sorry) is from IKEA. The are just decorative but they make the room feel more inviting.

The cabinets were simple stock (unfinished) cabinets from our local home improvement store. The cabinets were pine and came totally unfinished so we put on 3 coats of left over white paint (same as all the doors and trim in the house) and the riser that Kyle built.
We picked up another pack of LANSA handles from IKEA. These are exactly the same handles that we have in the kitchen. We wanted the same handles in both because from some angles you can see both rooms.

We had a spare piece of wood that we painted white (same as the trim and door color). I painted 3 black bird across the white plank. Then Kyle added 3 simple oil rubbed bronze hooks. Now we have room for the broom, the mop and the duster.

Kyle built it, I painted it. It was a coordinated effort! We are both happy with how it turned out. It is functional but also pretty, just what we were going for!

So there you have it, the final Before and After shot of the laundry room. The roughed in photo with just drywall was taken about 2 years ago. Might have taken a while but it was the last untouched room in the house.
Next, we changed things up in the downstairs guest bathroom and added closet organization to all the bedrooms this weekend. But we will save that for next time!

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  1. What did he use for the platform framing ???