Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Place to Sit

We are feeling more and more settled in the house everyday but we are a long way from having it furnished. Every weekend we have been checking out furniture stores (including my favorite, IKEA). We have already purchased our sectional for the living room and the dining room table and chairs but it will be another 3-5 weeks before those arrive.

Last weekend we went down to see some wonderful friends in Canton for lunch and then spent the next 4 hours at IKEA. We purchased a new dresser for our bedroom, curtains and a duvet (which I changed my mind about and we will return next time), a few bathroom decor items and a pantry organization system.

Hemnes IKEA 8 drawer dresser. It fits the space in our bedroom perfectly. Love, love, love it!

Meet Omar, IKEA's awesome pantry storage shelves

Kyle assembled the pantry in a few hours for all 4. We bought 4 units and stacked two on top of each other since we have the height in the room. They went up rather quickly and you can adjust the shelves which is extremly practical

Here is the completed pantry on one side of the room. It can hold so much food, its great! Sure beats having your boxes of food on the floor of the pantry, which is how we had it for the first 2 weeks we lived here. The other side looks the same except it is holding about 40 rolls of toilet paper from Sam's Club (not that attractive for photos)

For the first time since we moved in, Kyle and I were able to have dinner sitting down (not on the floor). I assembled a pair of deck chairs that were a gift from my mom and dad, Kyle put together the matching table and foot stools. We sat in the sunshine on our front porch and ate an actual meal together!

These are officially the only chairs at our house, good thing it has been so warm this March in Michigan

Our first meal on the porch, a homemade Caprese Salad. We had these two fresh big tomatoes that were crying out to be paired with fresh mozzarella and basil

So delicious! A great way to welcome in the first day of Spring!

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