Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wood Floors Unveiled

All the flooring is finally in the house. Our wood floors actually went in over a month ago but have been under wraps until all the contractors were done in the house. Last week carpet went down in the remaining rooms which meant everyone was pretty much done working inside the house.

As soon as I knew not many more contractors would be walking through the house, I wanted to rip the paper off the floors! I have been anxious to see them in their full glory. The wood floors had this thick protective paper covering them to prevent scratches and dings.

So last weekend we did a major cleaning of the house and took all the paper off! Ohhh, they look so beautiful, I love these floors. The rich brown and red hues are warm and inviting but I still got the darker wood look that I wanted.

From the second floor landing looking into the living room. The floors are from Mohawk, and we selected a line called Santa Barbara. The winning color was Mocha. See our post on how we chose the color here

Having the hardwood floors on the main floor is so inviting and so practical with all the traffic in the entry way, living room, dining room and kitchen

The living room feels complete with the floors unwrapped and we could really see how it looked with the fireplace and all the white built ins

You can see some of the color variance and textures in the wood floors

This is a close up of the floors. The are "hand scraped" so as to look aged, like they have always been here. They also have some manufactured dings and worm hole type areas

The installers did a great job staggering the floor boards and the joints. They also paid special attention to scattering the boards that are darker or lighter to give it a random effect

I just loved this photo of Kyle sweeping the floor. The light was just filtering in the room in a magical way (really highlighting the dirt on the floor too). There was so much to clean up to get the floors looking good

This is the wood floor in the dining room. We tried to hold the wood sample up to each room color to see how they looked side by side. I especially like how the crisp white trim looks with all the wood

We did end up with a few scratches even with the paper on the floor. Some can just be filled in will a wood pen color stain matcher but some others will need the floor boards replaced. We had our brand new stove dragged across the wood floors on two spots in the dining room by a contractor so those ones will be swapped out

Seeing the wood floors all together was just the right pick me up. After weeks of waiting to hear if we can move in, its been a bit discouraging. most everything is done but we are waiting to see if we have been given occupancy and can move in. The waiting continues...

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