Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A new place to call home

We have been busy these last few weeks! The biggest event was moving out of our apartment. Before you get too excited, we did not move in to our new dream home... not yet anyway! We are now bunking with Kyle's parents and his two younger siblings.

Now before you cringe and pity us, we are happy here for many reasons. First of all Kyle's family home is only about a half a mile away from our property so we can easily walk down to check on progress and take photos of fun things happening with the house.

Secondly, ummm its rent free! We are saving more than ever without having to pay for monthly rent expenses and utilities. We try to buy our own groceries as much as possible but lets face it, we steal their milk and they have the best snack foods! My mother in law loves to bake cakes and pies and other delectable goodies, so we are eating very well here.

Plus we have plenty of space here. No really, we do. We are in the finished basement of the house and have 2 bedrooms and a small 3 piece bathroom. We are using one bedroom for our bed and my clothes and the other bedroom is our living room, with our TV, a small mini fridge and a little make shift pantry for some of our food.

Another bonus to living here is that we are spending time with Kyle's younger brother Kevin who is home from college for the summer as well as his youngest sister Jamie (she is 11 years old). There are many upsides to living here while the house is completed and we are very fortunate they have allowed us to stay here. It sure beats how we were living at the apartment those last few weeks!

We had sold most of our furniture (including, our couch and love seat, the dining room table and chairs, our desk, computer chair, and a few other odds and ends). Thank you Craigslist for helping us get rid of our stuff!

Check out the photo below of our make shift living room furniture, courtesy of my parents. They were comfortable as far as lawn chairs go but I prefer a sofa for my movie watching.

Progress is still being made on the house. We are meeting with our builder next weekend as well as meeting with the tile company to select the tile for the master shower, finalize of flooring and finally we will meet with the window and door company to make sure we have all the windows in the correct sizes.

We are about 6-8 weeks away from starting construction!!!

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