About Us

Kyle loves to save, no really, this is his main hobby. He likes to watch the stock market and our investments. I do not, but I do love that our investments will one day pay off our house.

I enjoy watching HGTV and waiting for my opportunity to decorate the pants of our new home!

What we both love is living frugally and knowing that our house will cost less to heat and cool and is better for the planet.

Kyle is an auditor for an accounting firm in Lansing. He has always enjoyed sports of all kinds, currently he is playing kick ball and a little softball too. This man of mine can not sit still and as a result he has done so much research into our home. He made sure we got a stellar interest rate for our mortgage and constantly kept an eye on the budget.

I work an amazing medial office specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. I love to cook and I have an obsession with collecting small pottery bowls. I love our families and I am looking forward hosting big family meals in our new home.

We welcomed our son Nolan on July 29th, 2012. DIY projects have been somewhat delayed since that day!

Little man just turned one this summer and is so much fun!