Friday, November 28, 2014

It's been a long time

I am so embarrassed. Really. I have not been active on our blog in over a year! I am ashamed. In my defense, we have been busy not only with the house but adding a new addition... a baby girl!

We welcomed Amelia Evelyn to our happy home on May 21st, 2014. She was a peanut at 5 # 10 oz and 19 inches and a gorgeous head of fine blond hair. She has filled our home with such joy. She may have started out small, but she is a healthy 18#  now at 6 months and is such a happy baby.

Our first born, Nolan is still doing well. He is a ball of energy. Always moving, jumping, running and making Amelia laugh. No one can get her laughing like he can! He is an entertainer and a comedian for sure. We have been getting over a chaotic transition to a big boy bed over the last few months. He is doing much better and our whole household is getting a bit more sleep now.

So here is a photo dump to show you what we've been doing instead of blogging!

So there you have it. A pretty good reason to take a hiatus from blogging. Not much has changed at the house. We are working on a play room in the basement, just finished a few updates to the office and added a huge deck to the West side off the dining room.

Soon I will share Amelia's room. It's packed with adorable, whimsical girlishness! 

Until then...

Much love from the tree huggers

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  1. Chelsea, I was curious about your front the pictures you don't have any sort of "apron" around the bottom of the porch to prevent animals, etc from getting under your porch. Is it still like that, and have you had any issues?
    We're building a house and I don't know what to do around the bottom of our porch!